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The Story of Zen-Surance

Hi there, I am G. Scott Dent and I formed my insurance agency specifically to have more time with my infant son some 10 years ago. I was working as a Freight Manager at some well-known freight companies in the Denver, Colorado area, and I was working such ridiculous hours and long days that I was never seeing my family. Coincidentally, I had lunch with a high school friend who talked about his insurance agency and the freedom he had to spend time with his family. It really resonated with me...and Zen-surance was born.

Now, my wife has joined the company after experiencing a very stressful yet successful 24-year career in proposal writing because she wanted the freedom I had. Today, we are a family run business, and we really care about our clients and their insurance products. We are now living our dream of enthusiastically helping people while also being present for our son.

What makes us different? Well, our small yet mighty team is here to talk to you and review your current insurance, and we also perform service requests like requesting new cards, updating account information, support to file a claim, etc. Essentially, we aren't the typical insurance agent who sells the policy and then you never see us again. We are here to help you relax. That's why our tagline is " are covered."

Please see our team bio's below.

Our Team
#18 - Gary Scott Dent - HeadshotPro.png
G. Scott Dent, Agent/Owner | Phone: 720-412-7430

Krissy N. Chaney, Office Manager (Intern) | Phone: 303-818-8877

Hi there, I am Scott and when I am not providing insurance for my clients, I am spending quality time with my family, playing guitar in several tribute bands, watching silly TV programs, working out at the gym, and hiking. I am also teaching my son how to play guitar and leaving dirty dishes in the sink on purpose to mess with my wife.

I am open-minded, a proud mom, happy wife, 80’s hair band crowd surfer, fur baby mommy of two Japanese cats, sunflower seed eating contest winner, Pop Culture trivia extraordinaire, blessed with great friends, on a quest to find the mates for my socks, failed trust fund baby, Bingo caller, and loyal friend.

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